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Composite Decks

  Composite decking materials were first introduced in the 80's. Being constructed from wood and recycled plastics makes it an ideal choice for outdoor projects.
The advantages of using composite deck materials are:
  • Low Maintenance - composite decking won't fade and is naturally resistant to water so there's no reason to seal it
  • No Cracking or Checking - there's very little moisture in composite materials therefore they will not crack or shrink like wood. No cracking or shrinking also means you'll never have to worry about splinters which makes your deck kid-friendly
  • Hidden Fasteners - the stainless steel screws used to fasten deck boards to the joists can easily be countersunk which makes them less visible

The disadvantages of using composite deck materials are:
  • Cost - composite decks are more expensive than their pressure treated counterparts
  • Limited Colors - composites cannot be stained or painted. Manufacturers typically only produce a limited set of colors
  • Heat - composite materials tend to store their heat. Although improvements have been made, a composite deck can get quite hot in the noon sun
  • Appearance - some composite materials can look 'plasticy' although most incorporate a faux grain

During your free consultation, our representative will help you select the right materials for your job based on your local building codes and your budget.
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