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Pressure Treated Decks

  Over 80 years ago Dr. Karl Wolman invented the process of infusing preservatives deeply into wood using a high pressure vacuum thus inventing pressure treated (PT) wood. This process makes the wood quite unappetizing to all vermin, insects and fungus, which allows it to last over twenty years under the harshest conditions. These properties make it an excellent choice for outdoor construction projects such as decks.
The advantages of using pressure treated lumber are:
  • Cost - when compared to composite materials, pressure treated wood is significantly cheaper
  • Structure - due to structural properties (strength) of PT lumber, the span between joists may be extended past the typical 16 inch centers thus requiring fewer joists
  • Colors - thanks to the abundance of different stains available on the market, your choices of deck color are much larger than composite products

The disadvantages of using pressure treated lumber are:
  • Maintenance - a PT deck requires annual maintenance such as cleaning and treating with a sealer that has a UV stabilizer
  • Cracking and Checking - as PT lumber dries, the surface will crack and check which can make it prone to splinters
  • Fasteners - the chemicals in PT lumber are corrosive to certain metails. Special fasteners that are resistant to the chemicals in PT lumber must be used in construction. In addition, these fasteners will be visible when construction is complete

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